2018 Additions...

Grab interest

A simple yet effective painting! Black and white with shades of grey.

Small yet Beautiful!

Here the image is A5 in size, placed in a mirrored glass frame. A glamorous effect...

Part of a Set!

This one is landscape, with intricate detail, again A5 in size but can be printed larger if a bespoke size is wanted! Lots of shades of black and greys.

Fruit and Vegetables!

A set of 3!

Or available individually.

with grass hopper

A3 print, simple yet effective.

Green and leafy

A fresh and pleasing picture, colours are easy on the eye!

In Development


Dig out the original art work.


Recreate and play around with design.

Trialing and Testing

How would it look on paper or other applications, what colour saturation is best?

Straight from the Box!

A start to the 2018 Collection

Basic but necessary, laying out of original artwork, straight from the box, folded away from light for decades!

A recent favourite by Sheila, the artist.

It has that oriental appeal, mixing with ink colours on Chinese paper.

The Eagle

As pointed out by Sheila, it has the hint of yellow in here on the claws, that gives the picture the finishing touch!

Uncomplicated - yet typical of Chinese brush painting techniques.

More from the Box!

Soft Furnishing

How colour, framing and size influences and compliments your décor. Here is one picture yet to be added to the collection of sparrows in a tree, eagerly awaiting food from their mother! Black and white Chinese brush painting by Sheila, one of her favourites!

On a white wall!

We all want a focal point in our homes, but often we have a mixture of styles, colours and patterns.The best approach is to keep it simple.Let the pictures tell the story and work around them with suitable wall papers, textile patterns and materials!

Product Range

From time to time having assessed the designs and pictures accordingly, we may extend the designs to other applications such as scarves, cushions, greeting cards, mugs and more...this will vary.

More to come...

Lots of movement!

Many like wildlife, some birds, some mountain scenes, but whatever the subject, it all starts off on almost translucent, absorbent tissue paper, free drawing and a steady hand are required, - one mistake at the end and it can ruin the picture! 

Bright Colours

In progress...for printing!

A Mural or on a Scroll

Why not a perfect way to enjoy seeing birds, even if you live in the City!