Welcome to the 2018 Range to come...

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Here in January/ February 2018 a new range will be added.

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This year is another year of discovering - hidden art!

A Different Focus

At My Magic Art, we take pleasure in working with the artist, it is as much about them rediscovering their own work, as for us!

Tailored or Bespoke!

The choice of art is vast, the internet has opened up huge possibilities, yet past generations still struggle to get their art out to market. 

Here at My Magic Art, we listen to customers, they want something different and not mass produced!

Open to Ideas

From this 2018 Collection, we are exploring new concepts, applications and playing with presentation.   

A work of art, can also be a snapshot taken from a large picture, or re-designed using the original hand painted drawings, yet the finishing touch often lies in the framing and colour schemes. 

Simply ask if you want a different look using our designs!

What is New for 2018

Art Deco Collection

More and more circular pictures are coming back into fashion. Here we are just developing the Art Deco Collection.

Continuation of Chinese Collection

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Bits and Bobs

Soon to come!...

As with many artists, the most beautiful pieces can be found on all sorts of tatty paper, here  we want to bring the 'Bits and Bobs Collection' to life... it can be anything!

A Taste of More to Come! Art Deco...

A Beautiful Range

As Sheila originally specialised in creating and modelling designs for the ceramics industry, popular decorative plate designs became the fashion. Yet just because they are round, it does not mean unfashionable! Pure talent!

And more...

How we love the soft pastels and boarder that frames these designs.  Available soon as a print and framed.

Be inspired...

This beautiful woman is already available on a greeting card and in print.

A perfect mother's day present for 2018!

A matching set. 

In a frame!

What ever your style, here a simple black frame sets the picture off. 

The print has been set onto a black background and looks stunning also on a white background. 10 X 10 inches

On Canvas too!

Lightweight, ready to hang, on black or white canvas. Anything is possible...

In a sliver frame

We love the moody atmosphere created here, it is as close to the original painting and has a lovely creative, fresh abstract feel too, just as if it was painted yesterday on a spare sheet of paper!